Square E-Enix's Thoughts on a FF7 Remake

This is just another site's posting about this discussion with Akitoshi Kawazu and Toshiyuki Rahans. ___________________________________________________________ http://scrawlfx.com/2009/12/crystal-bearers-director-on-ffvii-remake-someones-probably-going-to-do-it Final Fantasy VII: the most critically-acclaimed Final Fantasy title and yet we’re still waiting on Square Enix to announce a remake. Although Square has yet to officially announce it, Final Fantasy: The Crystal Bearers (Wii) producer Akitoshi Kawazu and director Toshiyuki Rahans have shared their thoughts on a remake in a new interview. Kawazu and Rahans laugh and respond (through a female human translator) “Uhm, probably a remake of Final Fantasy VII, probably someone within the company is probably gonna do that, but of course, it’s not me.” She (the translator) laughed again. “And though, if they, someone wants to do the remake version of Final Fantasy VII, it’s going to be like a huge project. And also, with the current technical specifications, it’s going to be quite hard to that for the remake of Final Fantasy VII. It’s going to be difficult, but probably someone is going to do it.” The interview was done by Final Fantasy Ring, a French Final Fantasy fan site. However, the audio file of the interview was done in English, which is where we’ve taken the quote from (around the 30:30 mark).